Justin Makes First Public Presentation of Urban Art…

October 17, 2010

Baltimore Artist Justin Chase presented his work this evening to a group of approximately 40 people ranging from middle schoolers to senior citizens.  Frankly, I think he blew everyone away!  A truly awesome evening.  His family and best friend watched as Justin autographed prints of selected works.  I am priveledged to have been a part of it.  If you haven’t checked out the link to Urban Art yet, please do…there’s some great stuff there.

A Brief Summary:

JUSTIN CHASE has experienced the darkest elements of urban life.  As a teenager, Justin was lured into the world of fast money, expensive cars and drugs in Baltimore City.  Then, the wild ride he had become accustomed to came to an abrupt halt the night he was arrested.  Released on probation, Justin suddenly found himself with nothing, struggling to survive in one of the most dangerous areas of the city.  He soon became overwhelmed by a lack of hope and turned to alcohol and drugs as a way to escape reality.  With a fiancé and two young children depending on him, Justin eventually realized that he had to get clean and do something to  provide a better life for his family.  This time, he turned to the world of art and began drawing as a way to deal with his inner demons.  “Urban Art” was created by Justin to express his perspective of the reality of urban life.  

Today, Justin is progressing on his journey to create a new life.  He and his family have moved out of the city and he is optimistic about his future.  Justin has a goal to use Urban Art as a way to create awareness of the issues that plague many neighborhoods in the city and provide hope to those who have given up.  The evolving story of Justin Chase is an inspiring example of what a person can overcome with perseverance, a commitment to achieving a dream and determination to learn from past mistakes but focus on creating a better future.

Best of Luck Justin!